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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Searching for Gifts for the Mrs.

So with the holiday season getting near, I just went out to cyberland to search for ideas for things to buy for my wife for Christmas.

My search: “Gifts for my awesome wife”.

The results:
Gifts from my awesome wife
x-mass gift from my awesome wife
My father's day gift from my awesome wife and kids
TTMs and awesome gifts from my amazing wife!
An awesome gift from my awesome wife
Surprise gift from my awesome wife
yet another awesome gift from my wife!
Gift from my wife
Awesome Gift from my lovely wife
Anniversary gift form my awesome wife
and on and on....

Isn't this an interesting collection of responses? I type in gifts FOR my wife, and I get responses for gifts FROM my wife (not MY wife, but lists from  men who have gotten gifts from THEIR wives). Huh. At first, I was hoping that Google might be a bit dyslexic, but I don't hold out too much hope for that.

But what sort of comment does this make for the husbands of the world? NO ONE has any thoughts? No inspiration for an obtuse bloke?

Admittedly, there were a couple of responses for gifts FOR my wife, but they were advertisements, at the top of the page; it's in that area where they take whatever you type in and they tell you where you can get it, pretty much not matter what you typed into the search engine, so those results don't count.

I just thought this was really odd; thought I'd share it. I suppose it's probably a worse comment that I've known my wife for more than half of my life, been married to her for *this* long, and I still don't know what to get her for Christmas.

/hangs head.


  1. Who does! First she asks me; I reply 'nothing'. Then I ask her; and she replies 'Rolls Royce', 'apartment in Monte Carlo', etc. It's all a bloody mystery. I expect she'll end up having a turkey and sprouts as usual.

  2. enjoyed my gallop through the blog... will revisit when I have time!!!!

  3. Turkey and Sprouts! Brilliant! Thanks for the idea; I'll have to see how that works. :)

    Welcome to the blog, gents. I'm brand new to the blog world, so any suggestions are welcome!

    Have a great day.

  4. The most awesome gifts I have gotten are not solid, they do not have to be dusted or insured and I would never take them back. It is a gift of time spent with me doing something that I enjoy. I love going to plays and concerts,and inexpensive weekend trips, however, that is not necessarily my hubby's cup of tea. I would never ask him to do these things as I would get a negative reaction. However, he has surprised me a few times - a night at a B&B that was 5 miles away from home for Valentine's day, a trip to NY, a concert by Andrea Bocelli. Now you might not think a trip down the road to a B&B is a big deal, but we had 4 kids. A break away from home, even if I had to walk, was heaven to me.

    Another hint - don't ask what she wants for Christmas; she would probably rather that the idea came from your heart. It takes a little work, but oh, so worth it.

    Things are just things and will eventually be thrown away. Good memories for the both of you last much longer.

  5. Oh, Starting Over is brilliant! My hubby and I have been married 42 years, and the very best gifts are days spent doing things I love ... especially if they're outside his usual comfort zone.

  6. So the things you guys enjoy the most is when your husband are uncomfortable... ? :D (kidding)

  7. In all seriousness, I don't think I'd enjoy doing something that I normally enjoy while my wife suffered along... I think I'd really kinda hate it, to be honest. All I'd be able to think was that she was wishing it were over. I think it'd ruin it for me.

  8. Hey, maybe you should get her shirts that say stuff on the chest! (reference to previous post...) :D

  9. I am with the others. The gifts I have loved best are things like a balloon trip. Nothing that requires washing or dusting is always a good start. And creation of new memories is another.
    Good luck.
    And I would love to see another post from you about the awesome gifts you would like. Please?

  10. As always, those are the best gifts, to be sure. I have to admit to agreeing with the Grinch: I'm appalled by the avarice and greed that has supplanted what the season is supposed to be.

    Me, I'd like two things: Peace and Quiet