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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stupid Business Travelers

So I'm just back from a few days' worth of business travelling to North Carolina. Winter is in full swing down there, so the trees are just starting to bud. Not a bad trip, overall, but I did get frustrated by a few instances that reminded me how stupid business travelers can be.

In this instance, all happenings were the result of a single bone-headed, idiotic business traveler, his towering ignorance fueling bad decisions after bad decision. That idiot was...ME.

So I got a too-close-to-last-minute ride to the shuttle, which would take me to that airport. I rushed into the little building where they sell their tickets and bought a round-trip ticket to (and from) the air port. NEVER MIND that the wife had told me that she'd prefer to pick me up at the airport when I landed. Oops.

I was very careful to ensure that I brought my little "Jump" cable, so that I could recharge my iPhone from the USB port of my laptop. I forgot, however, the AC power cord for the laptop. Oops.

I ordered room service on Monday night...very nice little portabella mushroom and tortellini dish, soda water and (to treat myself) a dessert (which I don't usually get, but what the heck). Slapped a $4 tip on the bill for the fellow who delivered it and sat down to my yummy meal. As I ate I looked at my bill and noted that in large red letters at the top of the receipt the words 18% Gratuity Added. That fellow made quite a killing on my NOT paying attention. Oops.

Good trip; well worth the price of admission! Maybe I'll do better next time.


  1. Live large; the guy probably needed the extra cash. Good job.

  2. Think of it as a random act of kindness. Some day it will come back to you. Probably.

  3. Well, terrible experiences do make very good stories. And, if it comforts you any, we have all been there. Those who say they haven't are nothing more than liars, or perfect. Who the hell wants to be pals with someone who is perfect?

  4. Sometimes it's just one thing after another. Usually this happens when the universe decides you need a come uppance. Next time............make a list. lol.

  5. I was not expecting the "stupid business traveller" to be you! LOL. I notice we both went stupid about the same time... must be in the air. ;)

  6. I miss stupid business trips and being a stupid business traveler. ;)

  7. Overall, it was certainly a good trip. I didn't begrudge the extra tip; those fellows deliver food cheerfully and sometimes don't get a decent tip; it's not a big deal, just a slap on my forehead! I could use one of those every now and then.

    Next time, I very well may have a list though.