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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hair = Confidence???

So I keep running into things - commercials, personal experiences, readings, news items...etc - that have me asking what the hell people are thinking.

I'm sure that everyone has this reaction once in a while; it might also be known as 'Why would you do that?'

The TV tells me that if you're a man, you need to have hair, and that hair needs to have no gray in it. What the hell are they thinking? The fact that there are a seemingly rapidly growing number of kits, solutions, comb-ins, and technologies suggests to me that there's a large and growing market for this 'fix'.

Men all around at least the USA seem to be under the impression that they are NOT men unless that are both NOT bald and NOT gray. What the hell are they thinking?

I know, I'm educated and successful, I get along with most everyone I meet and I enjoy doing a wide variety of things. But, dammit, I've got these gray hairs! How on earth am I supposed to attract a woman with these gray hairs? I'll never get ahead in business either! How can I possibly win at Parcheesi with these thrice-damned gray hairs?? I can't do *any*thing because I've got Grays! Boo-hoo-hooo...I've gotta DO something about this atrocity!

At least I'm not BALD...I'm not THAT GUY. I can dye my hair, but him? That cue-ball's got problems.

What the hell are they thinking? Am I off base?  Personally, I like my grays...I earned them!

Being that you folkses are largely readers of the feminine persuasion, you tell me: does it really matter that much that I've got gray hairs? Or that I'm bald?

I can't figure out why my confidence as a man and as a person should be emaciated by the fact that my hair is no longer what it was when I was a kid...any thoughts?


  1. I agree with you 100%. Gray hair says "I'm experienced in life. I've been there." Wear it with pride!

  2. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT dye your hair. It will look fake, it will be fake, you will get grey roots and a racing stripe in your part, people will laugh...just be yourself and be proud. Oh.....and DO NOT do the "comb over" please please please.

    1. No, no...never on each! I'm kind of looking forward to being bald! If it wasn't so much work to be artificially bald, I'd do it now!

  3. well, commericials use alot of logical fallacy in order to get you to believe shit.

    Google+ Cheat Sheet

    1. You ain't just whistling Dixie...that's what advertisers do: lie, lie, lie!

  4. And yet the guys with shaved heads usually look manlier than I do with hair.

    Also, I've got wayyy too many grays for being in my 20s. I wish I could just go Steve Martin white. All or nothing, baby.

  5. This is why I no longer watch commercials or see internet ads. Damn things drive me nuts. Women have been made to feel bad for way too long. I hope we're getting smarter. Pretty sad, really.