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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Flash Fiction

I stumbled across a post on the Warrior Muse's site heralding a "Flash Fiction" contest. I had never heard of this thing called "Flash Fiction", and as an amateur (as in: I do it for myself) writer, I thought it might be fun to enter. Her post is Here, on her site.

Never one to look at rules, I quickly scanned the requirements of this contest, and read that it has a basic theme of "Are you devious at heart" and had a 100 word maximum. Yikes! 100 words max for an entire story? Crazy!

So I wrote a little something based on a character I've been playing with for a while. I was going to submit it, but I'm too cheap to spring for the $10 (which is a bargain, really, but I am at heart a cheap old fart...I hate to spend money on a sandwich for lunch, and I'm guaranteed to get something for that $10!).

In any event, I thought I'd post what I did here, for giggles. So:

Upon Mine realization of the vile satyr's possession of mine brother, I did set mine thoughts towards exorcism. I know not these paths, however; mine is the way of the arm: the way of axe and shield. I need must bring him unto The Academy.

Keen of the thought that he'd not of his will (which was not his own, after all) subject himself to this exorcism, I was forced to scheme about his back; although I am not devious of nature, still this thing must be done, though it did raise mine bile and keep me from mine bed.

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  1. That was fun. You should bite the bullet and submit it. Then, just for fun, try the flash fiction 50 words or less. I've done that a few times and it's a real challenge. It's called micro-fiction.