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I'm a life-long New Englander, father of 4 challenging kids (I know: I'm supposed to say "wonderful", but while that'd be true, technically speaking, it'd also be misleading), and fortunate husband to my favorite wife of more than 20 years. I've got over 20 years experience breaking things as a test engineer, quality engineer, reliability engineer, and most recently (and most enjoyably) a Product Safety / EMC Compliance Engineer. In the photo, I'm on the left.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Messing with the Layout

Hi! I've been messing with my layout a little, as it has looked to me like there's a LOT more space on my monitor than I use. Let me know if my changes make your viewing pleasure less of a pleasure.

Also, thanks for stopping by my little corner of insanity.


  1. Well it's interresting.....kind of stretched out at the top. It's fun to play around with the templates isn't it? Have you tried the new ones?

  2. "Interesting"...hehe. I know what that means! :)

    I haven't played with the other templates yet as I'm still finding my feet and I'm not aesthetically creative. I'll poke around with them anon.

    Happy New Year!